This keyboard could be perfect for Renoise

This keyboard is the first pressure sensitive typing keyboard on the market.

It is also a full-n-keyboard.

Meaning you can press down as many keys as possible at once something not possible on most normal keyboards.

Renoise will be a more attractive program for those who have

or buy that keyboard, since it is keyboard based.

The Renoise devs should contact the manufacturers, to order one and make it Renoise compatible.

I have pointed them in the direction of Renoise.

I have ordered one.

What about the price ?

If they play open with the driver section, you could hope for soon there to be a driver that will translate each keys deepness to midi cc, or combine 2 into pitch bend up and down, pattern scrolling speed for cursor keys, whatever.

IDK about how useful this would really be. I’d still prefer conventional midi keyboard and controllers like pedals, sliders, wheels, knobs. The concept seems great for controlling games, but I imagine this being similarly hard to control exact with like those pressure pads or aftertouch, just a bit different. When you’d press down a key it would travel just too short for controlling exact enough for many scenarios where you’d rather like to use knobs and sliders. But I can imagine it be a big bit better than with those rubber pressure pads. Also normally even full n (I believe there are some mechanical expensive like the “das”) keyboards only have 5 keys max simultaneuosly when used via pnp usb without special driver. And numbloc is missing. But yeah, some new kind of nerdy polyphonic aftertouch when recording keyjazz from a tracker style mapped typewriter…

The per key rgb led seems fun though, for stuff like launchpad like control maybe? They should make an even matrix 8x8 key pad without symbols, but the same analog pressure technique and no key prints and bigger keys with a bit of space in between for musicians?

circe its a kickstarter campaign, so look for their kickstarter campain page for funding options that will bring you in a 1st generation piece of hardware as reward?

I have ordered one.

What did you pay?

A cool concept, but I imagine it would be as annoying as using a midi keyboard, having to constantly fix velocity levels and what not (personal thing though, it’s why I stopped using a midi keyboard)

Though, as with any cherry stem, new key caps will always help with renoise (adding white and black keys for instance) but I’m not sure about the velocity bit. Will have to see how it works

Pretty cool - it’s funny, I was actually doing research a few months ago to see if a velocity sensitive keyboard existed like this. In terms of drum programming I could see this being really fun and/or if this was integrated into a laptop for maximum portability. Not sure I’d ever replace pads/midi controller keyboard tho. Still, if there were unlimited funds. . .

Speaking of which, question of the day: How much did you pay? :slight_smile:

I think it isn’t really “velocity sensitive”…from the descriptions it just seems to register how deep each key is pressed in, and not how hard/fast it is hit. So you can steer in fps or racing games in analog ways, i.e. you run only as fast as you push the forward key, it makes analog speed control with keys possible. Funny, I had to think about my first pc game experiences, and it seems a natural first impulse to try to push the keys stronger if you want stronger effect…so it seems a very very good idea for gaming action.

Maybe it could be possible to extract some sort of “velocity” from the “key deepness” when logged over time, but only if the sensors can be queried in a very very fast frequency, i.e. it would need to be done inside the keyboard’s control chip.

Funny, I had to think about my first pc game experiences, and it seems a natural first impulse to try to push the keys stronger if you want stronger effect…so it seems a very very good idea for gaming action.

In theory, yes, but there would need to be games that actually support it. Most people, gamers included, don’t even have keyboards with anti-ghosting features.

For many games, and also for typing, I prefer keys with a very low profile. Almost like the ones found on better laptops. Took me ages to find something that I liked for desktop use. I settled for a Steelseries Apex RAW that I really like for gaming, renoising, and writing. It’s rather bulky, and somewhat pricey for a non-mechanical keyboard, but still cheap enough to be able to replace it without breaking the budget when you spill a cup of coffee, tea, water, etc into it. :slight_smile: Probably the nicest keyboard I ever used.

The Wooting One looks interesting. I think the profile of the keys would probably be too high for me for actually typing on it, but as a Renoise controller it looks interesting, if it can be supported. Judging by the Kickstarter, my guess is that it’ll cost €150 and up, so I’m not sure how interesting it would be for the Renoise folks to invest time into supporting its special features,