This Looks Like Fun…o/rev_aero.html


Yeah, it’s always fun to look at other trackers that’s for sure. Renoise has more charm though (and much more) than this one. The only thing I can see i’m missing in Renoise right now is that sweet sequencer, but this is planned along with the piano roll, right!?. Cheers dudes

errr… is this Aero a tracker?? :huh:

aahhh that’s why you think Aero is a tracker!! :D

Ohh man, take a closer look at the Pattern editor, it IS a tracker. It looks alot like Argurus old stuff though, but hey… them about that.

The squencer is just a thing i like B)

the last beta i played with looked pretty promising, yet a pretty long way to go… but the possibilities it has/ will have sound cool.

Strangely enough, Renoise also reminds of Argurus old stuff… ;)

Looks pretty cool, but it’s no Renoise!
Speaking of Arguru, has anyone been following his “new” stuff? DiscoDSP Vertigo is about the most insane VSTi I’ve ever seen…