This One'S For Keith303

Image posting failure!


LOL @ maes :D

perhaps some people have jobs that don’t leave much spare time.

[7 of 9-mode]No, that is not acceptable.[/7 of 9-mode]

I have to agree.

Job and stuff like that is nice, but talent like the one of keith303 going to waste is just unacceptable loss of valuable culture!

Thats right - you can’t tease us with such great music and expect us not to want more more more!

Or perhaps this is the calm before the storm…? Like he’s gonna surprise us all by releasing an album…?

He’s probably busy working on a new demo song banger for 2.7 :drummer:

if not, he should :drummer:

3rd frame - double glasses? :huh:

That would be a reasonable cause!

common guys if you had any decent interest you would have figured out by now he has been muddling with his new appartment’s accoustics:

He didn’t stopped composing i draw from that.
Perhaps a little more patience?

I think it’s because lack of selfconfidence (an often case that hits good artists but rarely does to a rubbish ones)
come on Keith :) <3

i’ll second that! :D

Yeah, I guess I’m guilty of not doing much research. My bad.