This Pinkfloyd Distortion Guitar Sound

does anyone have a decent vst effect that will have this weird long lasting harmonic feedback distortion? i was listening to an intro of a song (played live) by pink floyd called Sorrow, and it has this guitar sound that slowly builds up to this wailing squeel and it sounds really menacing, any ideas?

Add fun emulating all those with vst’s :D

for distortion for my guitar when i dont have my amp at home i use a plugin from called freeamp 2, its got loads of different tones so you might find one on there which suits your purpose, its really good, and most importantly really free :D!

Man, i wish i could help you but alas, I cannot. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about though. I remember YEARS ago when I first heard that how damn hard it was to emulate that sound on guitar. I can easily play the notes on guitar, but getting that tone is another matter. The closest i ever came was with a distortion/delay/reverb combo.