This Section Is Now Publicly Visible

we decided to let guest users see this section, which was invisible to them until now.

Guest users still can’t write songs announcements, nor reply to threads (this is the only section where they cannot write), so yoou are encouraged to register to the forum and post your new songs announcements here.

With that being said, maybe this section is now obselete?

No. Its sorted and you can find music by categories. Once you click on an artist name, you can find all of her/his songs. And there is a ‘latest additions’ in that section. You can’t really compare the song forum to the song section.

Precisely… the forum is used for announcing, getting feeback on and discussing the songs. It’s not really easy to search for stuff here.

In other words, post both on the songs page and in the forum…

It’s not more easy to search in the Songs section. I like the songs section, but I really think it needs some updating/more features. Like a search, review to rate. But who am I to lecture

Guest users need to be able to reply to threads in this section…
Because the registered members dont reply here. So if no one reply’s what’s the point of putting your music on a forum if you cant get a proper feedback?

Only 1 or 2 members occasionally places their feedback here. I say bring in the guests.

I say FUKK SPAM unless it’s a matter of life or death.

i’m not one of those lucky persons who has a musicgroup or friends that make music too. All my friends are a-musical idiots :rolleyes:

So musicforums are very important for me 2 get some feedback. It’s not spamming, it’s asking feedback. :walkman:

yeah me too man… usually i post my new releases on as well as renoise boards, to get feedback from multiple places.

edit: we could always implement an honour system like they have, where if you post one of your songs asking for feedback, you have to review at least 2 other peoples’ songs first, that way technically everybody’s song should get at least 2 reviews. i try to leave feedback for everybody’s songs on here but i know i don’t always get around to it, i might make an effort to review ALL of them though

Keep things the way they are.

If i wanted feedback from people who didn’t use renoise, i’d post my tracks somewhere else.

… and so everything stayed the same

Naa - ConnerBw is right. I do not need critics from “anybody”. I want to know how other renoisers like my stuff. Especially from the technical aspect. I am also proud that some of the others here write critics.

As I am currently just surfing from the internet-cafe, I do not have to technology available to listen to the music in HighQ. So, I cannot write so much about other tracks

i like criticism from anybody… it gives you a broad range of perspectives. i like to post it on the local forums with all my friends from around here to see what they have to think, and then post on studiocentral to get what non-renoise producers think, and here of course. i’m also toying around with trying a few other forums also, i tried and got a feedback on my newest song so i will probably continue to post there as well. the more info i can get, the better.

i’m absolutely with dj io.
nothing to add.

My good friend mrVader knows the right thing to say for these situations.