This The Life

I wanted to learn how to make dubstep, so this is my first experiment. I’d appreciate crits. ^_^

The drums aren’t punchy enough. The drum rhythm needs to be reworked to sound more dubsteppy. The droning vocals seem to drown out most the mix and mixed with the wobble bass sound very dissonant and ugly.

Now, that being said, don’t be discouraged! I can tell that you are very passionate about sound design and music. Continue to pursue that passion, keep making music nonstop, read some books on theory and mixing and you will most definitely make some great work in due time.

In hindsight, I haven’t done enough research about a genre that was new to me. So, scratch that “dubstep” label. :) Now I know it has NOTHING to do with dubstep whatsoever. :) Thanks for the comments, though. You’re absolutely right about everything.