This Time It's House

Hi fellows. I created a House-Track…

your webspace is pretty fast. i downloded that in literally 5 seconds.

typing while listening.

love the organ bassline thing. where’d you get that? i would love to use that kind of sound for a UK garage track.

drumtrack is kinda early 90’s house, a-la madonna’s vogue. :)

cool little break around 3:00.

good stuff mon. keep it up

nice song, dopefish. where are the cute vocals from?

Thanks for the positive replies. The Vocals are from a sample-cd which name I accidently forgot.

Too bad, my PC is still broken. I miss that “renoising” a lot. Thank god, I have to mix a the vision parade in Bremen infront of a live audience (100.000 people)

Wish me luck

kick ass 90’s house track. I like the complex structure of this track.

really cute track with some oldskool flavour to it.
i like the overall flow and instrumentation, although the bassline + organ let’s me shiver a little bit because of their cheesyness ;)
but that’s personal preference.

what i wonder is: is there any compression in this tune? sounds pretty flat to my ears.
i think adding compression to drums + perc. tracks and another one to the master with slight comp. might do some wonders to overall quality and pressure.
especially the kickdrum is very prominent and stands out from the rest of the track.

however, besides that mastering issue, it’s a sweet little fluffy hq track. :walkman:

Thanks for the reviews. @Keith303: You’re right. Compression and mastering is the part of making music, which I am really bad in…

hey dopefish, hope you don’t mind me putting my hands on your stuff, but as i really like the tune, i could not resist and threw in some compression plus minor EQ’ing.
i’m not a trained engineer either when it comes to mastering, but to my ears, this mix sounds more balanced as the kickdrum does no longer stand out from the rest.
unfortunately i just noticed i might’ve overdone it with the treble a bit…
aber ein bischen schwund ist immer… ;)

link: back to you (edit)

I will download it this evening :)

Well - I think now the mastering is better but IMHO the bassdrum sounds a little bit too flat…

hmmm maybe. <_< it lacks a bit in the lower mids i think?.. well it’s hard to master this when you only got the sum of all tracks. ( not saying that i could do better if there were seperate ones ;) ) …

but whatever… guess it was worth a try, and when i listen to this tune (which i do quite frequently until now ) i prefer the compressed version … so at least i have some use for it ;)

btw: you should really consider releasing more often =)

:) Currently, I still do not have the money to buy a PC.

sorry for being overly curious, but what are you posting from then?
and what happened to the PC you wrote “back to you” on?

oh and btw… i’m currently selling this PC, which ain’t too bad for “renoising” purposes and has only quality parts built in. =)

Hmm. Office? - Being administrator in a Company has some advantages.

Still remember my “need a pc” thread? The guy who wanted to fix my pc had a (no joking :() heart attack. Getting the PC back (stll broken btw) will be very hard, because for god’s sake that guy is no more…

Back to you, however was written on a friend’s machine. I installed the full version on my 266 mhz laptop to render this song… Playing it was impossible, of course.

Your PC looks nice. As I said before, I have to check my finances :(

i should consider buying voltax or something - i really forgot that it was YOU who posted that “need a pc” thread.
too bad that guy had to meet his maker and even worse it happened just when he was about to fix your PC.
best wishes and good luck on finding a substitute for your renoise-machine any time soon.

Awesome, I love hearing unmastered stuff. Not a single clip in sight – wish everyone could do this.

Nice, deep, and all-around very warm sound. The crash entering at 1:50 sounds pretty bad though. Reduce it in volume and reduce some ~7 kHz on it to blend it in more, and adding a little reverb or delay to add some decay probably couldn’t hurt either. Vocals sounds a little soft, but I guess that’s a good thing seeing as though they’re pretty much on constant repeat. Kick really needs to go down, although it might take away from the drive. I guess compression (as keith303 suggested too) would be more favourable here to reduce the dynamics and lock it into the mix more. The clap could actually do with some compression too. Watch your top-end during the breakdown – the hihat is a little bright around ~13 kHz, although the MP3 encoding obscures anything above this so I can’t be too sure. I also suggest you try boosting some ~800 Hz somewhere (most probably on the padding), as the sound is quite tinny and muddy overall. Then, you could give the vocals some presence around ~4kHz and you’ll have the spectrum more equally filled.

Anyhow, overall the feel is great, even if a little cheesy. Just the dynamics that need to be controlled in places, with a little minor EQ work here and there, but all in all a good track.

I really should consider reading this book. I already bought it but I am too lazy to read it…

Just don’t get “The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook”. I really can’t recommend it. Actually, the best recomendation I can give is to just jump in and learn by trial and error.

Okay, learning by doing might be the best. Thanks for the positive reviews of my song. Hope to get a PC very soon to create more music (I feel like a junkie who does not get the Renoise-Druck)