This track is licensed under a Creative Commons License?

I found a track that says All Rights Reserved and then when i click on License it takes me here

So what does that mean exactly?If i release a track with the same License can someone take my track and do anything to it without asking for my permission?

Certainly sounds like it, they can even sell it as long as they follow the terms.

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But the author of that track has All Rights Reserved under in the comments,does not that count for anything?

Found this line online:
"The phrase “All rights reserved " is often used in conjunction with a copyright notice. Today it has no legal significance. In copyright law, by default all rights are reserved ; nothing may be done with a copyrighted work without explicit permission.”

So I think in this case “All rights reserved” just means there’s a copyright notice attached to the work and in this case you just have to follow the attribution and indicate any changes!?

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I’ve release some CC stuff, but always go for the NC (non-commercial) option which (in theory) restricts people from selling it or selling any derived works.

As for “all rights reserved” it’s essentially saying it’s not been released to the public domain, though the rights owner has granted liberal usage permissions and some requirements about attribution, etc.

As a practical matter, law comes down to what gets determined in court, and I don’t know how much (if any) CC stuff has been litigated.

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The author reserves the rights anyway. Currently has it released to the world as stated in the license guide. But the author can change it or retract it any time. Rights can be reserved when specific licenses are set. If you notice, there is nothing on the license that states that the author cannot take back the license, hens, the rights are reserved.

Of course it can also mean that the author just copied the phrase.

Also, if you want to do serious work, don’t base your assumptions on a page on the internet. Maybe someone just copied the song and licensed it without anyone noticing. Better contact the author and ask for his permission. Better safe than sorry.

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I have contacted the author and she had no idea about the risk of the license,now she has changed it and we are going to make a song together!!But like you say i cant be sure if the song she has its hers so i am going to consult an attorney first.

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Happy to hear that. I believe that either the vision is pure productivity or completely artistic, keeping a human touch is always going to add value to the end result. Cheers!

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