Thoughts On Zynewave Podium

Been trying the demo and i’m close to buying it.
I’ve been looking for a sequencer to compliment renoise in preparation for when I eventually incorporate vocals (when renoise actually has a DECENT way of doing this I will be very happy).
I bought Energy XT, because I tried the demo and got on with it pretty quickly. Now, I regret buying it because it is… horrible, buggy and basic (good luck if you want to automate tempo). I’ve been doing a song where I’ve used the energy XT vst within Renoise - what a pain that was.

Well anyways, my point is that I’ve tried a lot of alternatives but I just keep coming back to renoise. I love it too much!

I downloaded the Podium demo a while back, but having given it a go several times, I got put off quite a bit by not getting anywhere. This time I thought I would really try and give it a go, and I am so glad I have. It’s awesome, and once I got used to the different way of doing things (can’t say Renoisers aren’t strangers to that) I must admit it is a very nice work flow.

Quite willing to part with £35 (!) for this one! I’m holding back for now, because I have ordered a second hand Macbook which with any luck will arrive tomorrow. Podium is windows only (for now) alas. Gonna wait to see how i get on with it more.

Anyone else used it?

This is the first time I’ve heard of it. The video demonstration on their website is very interesting. The app seems very nice and flexible. It even has Rewire support.

But, hey, is useless on mac ;) Just bought one myself 3 months back and Renoise runs like a charm! Have you thought about using a cheap LE version of, lets say, Cubase or Logic to sync with Renoise and do your recordings?

I’ll have to see what it’s like first. Windows will remain my music platform until I’ve dabbled a fair bit first. I shall be taking a peek at logic, some nifty features i’ve seen in vids. Cubase, to me looks like your typical ‘over-bloated, every-tool-you-don’t-need, unintuitive, uninspiring, floating-windows-getting-in-your-way’ DAW. I’ve been there with Sonar.

We will see. Luckily the synth i use the most is Synplant, which will work on a mac, however I would be loosing Synth1, Oatmeal and all the others I’ve grown to love.
At least my ‘beloved’ Energy XT will work HA