Thread edit, adding new track/demo, with a much cleaner mix

Original post is below the broken line. The link to the original song, has been removed. As I just cleaned up my soundcloud completely. I am starting fresh, with this piece here. This is a much cleaner mix, of me playing guitar over electronic beats.

Now… This stuff still needs, “a lot of work, and a lot of development.” I know :P, so we are calling this, “a demo.” of sorts.

What I would like to work on over the next few months is: Getting back into good practice at guitar + figuring out more structure, changing my beats up a little, having sort of v/ch/v/ch themes. So… A lot of work to do. Hopefully this mix is ok to your ears. I am not 100% happy with software guitar sound… I have to figure something else out

Thanks for the listens again


Renoise = wonder!

What a difficult day in the USA today. I really do not want to get too wordy here… But before I say anything else, “I want to say that my heart goes out to all the people, who were directly effected by yesterday mornings tragic event.”

Now… I’ve put together a new piece of music. It has, “a lot of mistakes in it.” Basically, I got a new audio card, that allows me to record my guitar. The last one, “did not.” It was, “a poor choice of audio card,” this time, “I made a good choice in Audio Card.” NI, Komplete 6. I got a good deal, on a brand new one… :slight_smile:

So anyways, for the last 7/8 years that I have been music producing, I have been trying to record my guitar playing, "cuz that’s what I do, I am jazz guitarist. its specifically why, I wanted to learn how to produce music. erm, to record my guitar. ) I’m going in circles… lol.

So, over the last years, I have had so much trouble getting everything to mesh. “getting electronic beats, and synths, to mesh with my guitar playing.” Its been really difficult. I thought I was really close a year ago, but now its a year later and now, “wow, I am getting really close.”

Now… My guitar is, “a little rusty,” because I have had to focus so much on the music production side. But now I know the music production, and what I want from it well enough, that I can kinda do, “music and guitar at the same time now.” Which… I am ok with. I can’t believe how hard it was to get here.

So anyways… This is jazz. Yes I know the scales I am playing. Yes I know why the polysynth is playing those particular chords around and around. This totally qualifies as jazz, “because I know what I am talking about,” and this is not, “beginners luck.”

Ok… So… 100% produced, mixed, mastered, recorded in Renoise + vst synths/effects.

Thank you so much for reading my rather long rhetoric, and cheers for the listens, I hope you are all well


Wow, to be honest that’s pretty rough. Maybe you could bring the drums forward in the mix?

Rythmic elements get out of bounds quite a few times. But the note schemes are appealing, no critics about that.

When you layer effects that heavily on guitar, you have to play everything very cleanly and controlled. When it’s not, it just turns into a mess, especially in the lower mid area around 300-500 Hz. The chord rhythms are also way off, to the point of being unsettling. You also may want to gate the guitar so fingernoise doesn’t further muddy up the sound. I would also recommend panning out the percussion and synth sounds, leaving just the kick, snare, and guitar in the center. That makes it sound more live, and you get more clarity.

In regards to the composition, it seems like it’s more vamp based rather than having any form. In that case I would recommend against using outside tones and focus on establishing key. You really destabilize the key by using the diminished fifth tone of the key at about 25 seconds in, and there isn’t a whole lot of resolution beyond that.

I would focus on developing a couple of small themes and repeating them throughout the piece. I would definitely focus on the A, C#, D motive that you had going at the end.

Honesty is good. Nobody is going to grow without it. I definitely need to, “clean up the sound, and find the proper place in the mix, to make a guitar sit.” No doubt.


Thanks, awesome. I’m way rusty… It will be a few months, before my hands loose for proper rhythm skills. Also, “believe it or not,” I’ve had several failures, just trying to get the guitar recorded in Renoise, and to fit everything again. This attempt, definitely not a winner. I understand…

Thanks for the ears though, much appreciated.


Hi… I didn’t see your post, you must have posted the same time I posted… lol… 1st off, Your ear is really good. I know that from these chords you choose here. Excellent ear!! As far as developing more themes and structure… Yep, I need to think about that.

This was definitely, “not one of my better mixes.” I’m already thinking up a game plan, on how I can get a cleaner guitar sound, and also, “I need to find the sweetspot,” for guitar volume. This time all the effects on guitar where inserts. Next time, I may just distort the guitar, but I will use send effects, and try to decide a better mix of them.

Although, the guitar does get hi-passed in there, it didn’t come out well using insert fx. So I definitely need to practice getting a better overall sound and mix, on that type of hi-gain tone.

As far as the drums and synths… Kick = center, bass = center, guitar = center… but the other elements were panned. Not widely… so… that is also something for me to think about.

Thanks for your in depth feedback though!! Much appreciated,


You might want to look into LCR panning methods. This basically dictates that you either pan center, hard right or hard left. It’s a great way to get things out of the way for your lead parts. If you focus on visualizing every sound in a 3-dimensional space, it can help dictate where you pan everything.

What do you think about mixing for vinyl, but using hard panning like that? Do you think it works? I am pretty sure, that I have heard when mixing for vinyl, “you want to shy away from all the psychoacoustic and strange hard panning stuff.” Am I wrong on that?


I’m definitely “feeling” this one a lot more than I was Dream Catcher. :walkman:

Sounds very serene, I like it. My ears probably aren’t tuned for jazz at all, so some sections are a little funky, but overall a great sound.

ok cool, much appreciated