Three Gripping Tales Told In Audio.

Hey there! First post!

bbdude - Hertz

This is an audio biography detailing how Heinrich Hertz rose to fame after making groundbreaking scientific contributions to electromagnetism. But not really.

bbdude - Tootsie Pop

This is an enthralling story about the true nature of the world-famous Tootsie Pop. But not really.

bbdude - Filter 3’s Lament

This has a temporary title, but I think the current one is quite fitting. Wholly unfinished.

Most of this whole music-making thing is just a hobby for me, so feel free to shoot a cannonball of criticism at me. I won’t feel crushed or anything. :)


Thank you for this. Seriously. I was getting tired of “oh wow that’s cool” and “catchy.” Some actual real criticism is what I wanted, and you delivered. And you’re right, I haven’t worked hard on anything I’ve made music-wise. Just a few random sliders and generic drums coupled with an even more generic synth. I was kind of afraid to post anything after listening to some of the music on this forum, but next time I post something I made, I’ll make sure it’s worthy of any listening. Thanks again!