Three Step Plan

Art Is Resistance!

Listening on my crap plastik office speakers, so I can’t comment on the sonics. I’ll try it all at work tomorrow. But…

I do like what you’ve done here - it reminds of the fear of Thirwell’s remixes on Fixed. Great stuff how you put the “angry sniper” in there. The end with the filter cut is amazing too.

I have no idea, how the original sounds, but i like what what i hear. Pretty nasty stuff and chaotic. The spoken vocals parts are maybe a bit to loud.

Yeah, I had to find a balance between loudness and clarity of speech, since it’s not very clear what’s being said all the time. I’ve already compressed it, narrowed the stereo field, filtered the low end and adjusted individual syllabyles. I’ll no doubt be fine-tuning and re-uploading it, like I do with most songs.