Throw Us A Bone?

No dates, no promises, no commitments.

Can someone representing the Renoise team feed us lowly users with insight on what is to come in the near future?


Everything will be faster, better, safer, greener and will even make more fun!

Well, there happens something, but I wont tell you what. That would be like seeing the birthday present before …

It’s gonna be greener? Why not more blue? I miss the intensity of blue… I need more blue! I like blue you know… ;)

Nah, greener is meant because the renoise devs will sponsor everyone in the community some weedpackages after the next release. :)
Though, I could need some more blue touch aswell, preferbly dark blue… :blink:

at least one knows when it’s his birthday. :P :)

yes yes, send us some weeeeeed :dribble:

Damn, do I have to start smoking weed now? :P

Ah, don’t tell us anything, Taktik! Just do some weird countdown-thingey when you KNOW when it will be released and keep us all at the brink of self-destructive suspense! :D

i thought you didn’t smoke and you just picked your avatar because bob marley looked cool. <_<
i’m confused! :blink:

but…what tha heck: give us the weed!!! :w00t: :P :)

now you got me :)

but anyway, i thought that if that weed comes with renoise then it must be good and i may even smoke it ;)

Hey, I didnt talked about weed :)

The plan is that we will soon release a 1.5.1 bugfix update, which should fix all the bugs that where found after the 1.5.0 release, the rest of the tiger relater bugs and some performance improvements (mainly for the OSX builds).

We are also working on a bigger update, which concentrates mainly on features that are requested since ages, and focus the strength of the tracker heart: We are not trying to make Renoise more mainstream sequencer like, but make better what can be better in a tracker.
I wont go into details here. Also I cannot promise when the new bigger update will happen.

well, Taktik, big thankx for all the work!

I am so loving Renoise.

better before the release … makes the wait easier. ;)

if we are on this green theme a new feature request: please a grow-box within Renoise! :lol:

nevertheless, king regards to the devs … and thanx for the info.

a midi-triggered watering system…


… all wrapped up in a piano roll :)

At least the first upcoming update will be another fix-update under the motto:
There is always that one more bug to squash and there is always that sudden day-after insight for performance improvements.