check it here or be a paranoid bastard and use this instead :

wicked!!! :yeah:

OH Snap! That’s bonkers.

Somebody give this guy a Grammy!..

What’s the difference? They both point to the same place.

holy freakin crap


holy freakin crap.


And more to another point, imagine the day renoise will have *.avi/etc support, where we can track the video aswell :)

…and have the same tracking FX as the audio (reverse, offset, retrig, etc)? OMG, don’t tease me.

+27 ! ! !

Track 3 , 2:07 old lady and a cash register. :D

It must have taken him forever to get all the resources together for this.

This is really impressive. I think I’ll have to listen to all the songs

Amazing sampling…

Talk about found art! This is pure genius!

Cyberwax, your avatar freaks me the fuck out! :smiley:

Awesome!! :w00t:

More! MORE! :dribble:


A full album to boot.

Fantastic stuff, kudos to the creator.

Finally I am able to see this. Very amazed!

really incredible

New one is out.

Cool beans. Reminds me a bit of Hexstatic.

Wow, how did I miss this? Excellent stuff. Yep, there does seem to be a bit of a Hexstatic influence there.

Imagine what some of you breakcore guys could do with this idea.

Kutiman fan since 2008 here. I recommend to check his first album from 2007, it a lot better than the 2009 Youtube sampling EP.