"tick Line" Above The Sample Editor Window

Hello Dev’s,

i imagine, thats maybe not so hard to build a tick based line above the sample editor window. Than you can see, how long is your sample or how long i must make it and when ends the sample in the pattern editor.
I believe, it comes near the idea of the winner of the renoise contest, to make an audio track beside the pattern programming.



Already suggested

+1 from me

I agree. For a while I’ve hoped that the sample editor could have a grid/ruler overlayed on it to show you where everything is hitting. It should show pattern rows when zoomed out, with a highlighted grid line every X rows to match the setting in the pattern itself. When zoomed in close enough it should also show ticks, similar to the instrument envelope editor.

The main problem with this concept is that it only makes sense when the sample is actually synchronised to the song tempo with the beatsync function, or when the sample is being played at its original pitch. If you play the sample at a lower or higher pitch then it would not be playing in time with the grid, therefore the grid would be quite meaningless in that sense.

However, I still feel like this could be a very useful feature as long as people understand the limitations involved.


Another idea, to overcome this limitation, could be maybe to have a basenote selection dropdown box next to the ruler, standard is C-4, when another basenote is selected, the ruler will change accordingly.

Even without that, it would be really useful, as probably the most usage will be editing timings of rhytmic stuff like a recorded guitar, vocals or drumloops which rarely have another basenote than C-4.

I completely agree.


Would be very useful indeed.
Would need snapping too then.

The grid could possibly adapt when pressing a key and then revert back to base note when it’s released? So for example when playing one octave higher you would only see half as many tics/lines. Maybe even several overlayed grids when playing chords.


Mega Useful



Yep, this is a good idea

who wouldn’t like to see that?! :D

not me

i.e. +1 :)

I have been teaching my mate via MSN Messenger how to use Renoise (takes longer than you would imagine) and he asked in a round about way why this feature wasnt implemented.

He did also ask me why logic wasnt as easy to use (after the 3 hour intense learning session). Haha.

Get them ticks on!

And get rid of the main volume bar at the top of the screen!