tick noise when using Drawbar Organ instrument

I was following the the very excellent “Renoise 3.0: Creating a layered instrument” tutorial and created the instrument. But, I get this tick noise whenever i play a pattern. I loaded up the Drawbar Organ instrument and it does the same thing. I was wondering if anyone else can hear this tick sound and how I could get rid of it.

There is a simple solution to this: silence any previous note in a note-column before playing a new one.

So, if you were playing something like this:


Simply do this instead

C-4 OFF  
... ...  
OFF D-4  
... ...  
E-4 OFF  

Essentially, flip-flop between note-columns to avoid overlapping notes.

Technically, there are two factors that together contribute to the clicking noise:

Firstly, we are dealing with a pure sine-wave. They are notoriously sensitive to everything you do, including setting volume, panning - everything can become the source of unwanted clicks, and has to be carefully avoided with very slight transitions (ramping) between values. Often, you can reduce the clicking noise of a sine-wave yourself by adding an ADHSR device and configure it to a slight amount of attack and release.

Secondly, and this has has more to do with the nature of Renoise, the Drawbar organ is comprised of a total of eight layers. So, if you play any single note in a note column, you will be actually be playing 8 “voices” (each note column in a track supports playback of 12 voices). This seems to be the reason why triggering a note in that same column will cause an ‘extra noticeable’ click: the moment the new note is triggered, it will have to “steal” 4 voices.
In an upcoming version of Renoise, I hope to see some new kind of “voice-pool” approach so we don’t have to worry so much about this :slight_smile:

Sine sounds sooooo good, but when it unintentionally distorts it sounds soooo bad. :o
Sometimes the glide command can be your friend too, but it’s obviously not a solution for every situation.