Tick Speed - Upgrade To Latest Version

I would like to translate LPB and tempo (new renoise mode) with the relative Tick speed / tempo value.

How could I do this ?

Your post is not very clear.

If you want to upgrade an old song from ‘speed’ mode to the ‘lines per beat’ mode, you can find the option in the Song Settings tab:

If you want to downgrade a new song from ‘lines per beat’ mode back to ‘speed’ mode, this is not possible.

if I get what you mean, you want to translate the new method (LPB+BPM) into the old method (speed+BPM)? in such case, the answer is not unique: any combination of speed+BPM which reproduces the same tempo is correct, but it is not easy to give a general rule of conversion

I remember something like the old rule with Renoise 1.8 or 1.9 and above was when speed was 1,2, 6, 12, the BPM would then also be exact. Below Renoise 1.8, the BPM was never accurate.

It’s true.

Anyway what I need it’s a formula where BPM and LPB are known values and Tick Speed is already choosen by myself, and the result should be the right converted BPM .

So what I would like to know in the downgrade process is just the BPM

new songs have TPL property (Ticks Per Line) which is basically equivalent to old Speed, and it is defaulted to 12. See “Song Properties” tab to check if TPL is different than 12

calling oldBPM the BPM you want to find for the speed-based song, and newBPM the BPM of the LPB-based song, try if

oldBPM = newBPM * Speed/TPL


forgive me , but speed should be LPB ?

what was erroneously called “speed” in old trackers is actually what is correctly called “ticks per line” in Renoise and other modern trackers: “speed 6” simply means that each line is composed of 6 ticks (TPL 6). the lower the speed value, the less the number of ticks per line hence, at constant BPM, a pattern with lower speed scrolls faster, which is paradoxical