Ticks per line question


I want ask for ancient amiga ticks per line (TPL) system. Is it still necessary? Or this can be changed by more conventional bars beats etc. system. I suspect that bad support of some vst plugins in renoise is caused by TPL system. Your opinions?

Bad support for vst plugins?

Ticks only effect the resolution of your meta devices and pattern commands like vibrato, tremolo etc.

Daws have ‘ticks’ in them as well, they of course are of much higher resolution than the maximum of 16 ( you can automate this parameter in renoise)provided by renoise per line.

Yes, bad support (not in real time, most then rendering) caused by timing problems. The fact is that a classic tracker ticks based timing not equal to “modern” timing. 130 BPM in renoise = 130,01083 BPM in FT2 etc.

So i think ticks not work properly with that “modern” timing. For example there are two rendered samples of TyrellN6 v3 synth, one in renoise 1.5.2 with classic tracker ticks timing, another in renoise 3.0.1. See (hear) the difference? :slight_smile:

I don’t believe that’s true for renoise using renoise’s timing, older tracker timing systems, yes, they aren’t perfectly convertible.

Once again.

All daws use midi ticks of their own.

However, notes and pattern automationare completely unaffected by ticks in renoise, if you don’t believe me, simply use the delay column, or zoom in the automation editor and insert a note delay/automation point, it wont be affected by ticks and will be of much higher resolution than you think.

If your having problems with plugins, look at plugin delay compensation first, maybe it’s not compensating correctly with that plugin, which can be do to a wide array of issues, not always renoise related.

Some plugins have problems with offline rendering altogether.

PDC was disabled when rendering.

Other daws not use any ticks! Its tracker only things. Where i can set ticks number in Reaper? Or Fl studio? They timing based only on BPM and tradicional music bars and beats. Other are just zoom settings.

Please explain why renoise 1.5.2 can render proper and the last version not.

PS. I’ve done same test with OpenMPT in classic and modern tempo modes with same results, so is a trackers problem, but i wish Renoise team can solve that shit!

Concerning the bar thing, in reaper, open your midi item, view>raw midi data.

And once again, ticks are not the thing that effects your problem, ticks don’t affect the note data in renoise 3.0 at all.

Best of luck to you in finding the issue.

See (hear) the difference?

Although TyrellN6 usually works ok for me, after some experimentation I was able to recreate the problem heard in your file renoise301.wav, where the note renders incorrectly (it gets cut off somehow).

It seems to be something related to latency. If I have the latency set too low in my Renoise audio preferences, then it seems to cause problems with the render from TyrellN6.

48000Hz with 19ms latency or higher results in a good render
48000Hz with 18ms latency or lower results in a bad render

96000Hz with 10ms latency or higher results in a good render
96000Hz with 9ms latency or lower results in a bad render

Can you check your audio preferences in Renoise 3.0.1 and report which settings you’re using?

Does increasing your latency a bit improve the render?

(Obviously something weird is happening that we’ll try to investigate anyway.)

My Tascam US-122mkII have max 10.7 msec latency at 48000, so… :frowning: , but with ASIO4All this trick work, thanks Dblue. But this is not normal anyway :panic:. If this is not ticks problem, so maybe rendering algorithms problem?

P.S. My usual audio settings are 48000 Hz 4.0 msec. And why in renoise 1.5.2 all works fine???