Ticks per line (song options ) influences internal midi routing accuracy

As topic says , even when there is NO data in the pattern editor and NO renoise instrument
Using a midi plugin to trigger another vsti instrument , the tpl has a big effect on the internal midi resolution .
How is this possible ?
Here is a file , the rendered audio is a midi plugin (loomer architect ) sending1/64th note triggers to microtonic , I gradually increase the ticks per line and you can hear the resolution of the timing getting tighter ( evenly spaced at the end =good )
I think tpl should not influence the midi routing whatsoever
test.xrns (2.1 MB)

Yeah, that shouldn’t happen. Trying to replicate this now…

Can you also replicate this when triggering a sample instead of a VSTi with external MIDI?

Let’s continue this here in your original thread: