Tighten Up The Break To Perfection?

hello… Ive been playing with some loops that have different bpm the most of them about 100-140bpm… i would like to use them in jungle/breakcore music… when i use the beat-sync function i renoise it pitchs the tone of the beat up so you dont feel the BD anymore, playing with different values in the box next to the beat-sync “enabler” dosent make it fit 100%. I read that a lot of breakcore guys process breaks in Soundforge first, using auto-region and the tempo ruler to tighten up the break to perfection…

would you guys also look into software like Soundforge and recycle for this kind of assignment or is ther a better and faster way inside renoise?

When Iam in recycle should I then make the beat in the “real bpm” or is it only when I export beats I have to beawae of “real bpm”, buy real bpm I mean the one you find under song properties?


I also read this tutorial abute cutting beats up, but i still dont understand how to get that 134bpm sound the same in 180 bpm…


i personally dont use the beat-sync function, at all.

whenever i load an unfamiliar break into renoise, i first start by making sure the begining is Zero’d an that there is no delay before the first hit. same with the end of the break. make sure there is only what you need an no more, an make sure it is zero’d.
(zero’d meaning the zero crossing)

then i set renoise to loop the pattern while i find the best speed for it to loop, (i personally stick to using a speed 3 an a bpm of 364, generally)

mostly i’ll have a 128 or 256 line pattern, so then i just put notes in 64 line increments, an i control all of them by selecting column in the Advanced editing area, having the cursor in that column they are in, an then just start hitting the +1 transpose button to find the best speed of the break to be playing.

then i will go through an put note triggers in increments of 4/8/16/32 (depending what speed is being used)

so now you have a column full of note triggers, now to just set the offsets :)

after you have the offsets set, check out what happens when you globally change the transpostion of the note triggers
(the advanced editing area is really a Godsend)

the reason i wrote this is, by doing it in this way or similar, you can retain the original timing of the breaks. theres some Heads here that can explain this much better than i.

oh hey,
an uninstall recycle an get BeatQuantiser!


i imagine from all the praise ive read an heard it puts recycle to shame.

recycle should be in the list of those words that get R******!


good luck an happy trackin!

Pitching a beat, by nature, kills the acoustic quality of the original sound. One of many tricks is to layer your beat. So every time there’s a kick, add a sub next to it. Same for snares and other sounds you need to punch up. Cutting into smaller pieces a must. If you are interested in breakcore/drum & bass there are few entries in the production contests that you can download, lower right of said page. Look at BB4, check BotB and Yank Crime tracks for breakcore, there may be others I have forgotten. You can check my muddy but decent d&b track in BB3 (bw-bb3.rns), many others.

Nice…thanx for the reply.

Biggest tip ever- don’t tighten it up too much- leave a little swing from the breaks in there.

“Biggest tip ever- don’t tighten it up too much- leave a little swing from the breaks in there”

do you use recycle or others to make beats loop and become more tight?