Tim Exile teases Endlesss...!

“a new platform for making music in the moment”

Request an early access invite to Tim Exile’s latest project now.

Musician and synth designerTim Exileis launching a new music-making platform calledEndlesss.

Exile – who has released on Warp and Planet Mu and built software synths for Native Instruments – isn’t revealing much about the platform yet, but it’s described in a press release as “a new platform for making music in the moment”intended to “put enjoyment back at the centre of music-makers’ creative lives”.

“As a musician and technologist I’m fascinated by the potential of musical creativity to bring joy whether we experience it alone or with friends, as a beginner or an expert,” Exile explains in post onMedium.

“Moments like these bring us into closer connection with ourselves and our fellow humans. They can be the peak experiences of our lives. They’re whatEndlesssis all about.”

“My musical journey has touched on many kinds of experience: learning the violin as a kid, teaching myself to DJ as a teen, making records in the studio or playing live on stage. The peak moments of all these experiences have been characterised by the flow state.

“When I get caught up thinking about the results of what I’m doing I get distracted and doubtful and the results get worse. But when I’m in the flow state all this disappears, I feel weightlessly immersed in creativity and forget about the results while the results magically improve. This is whatEndlesssis all about. We’re taking an enjoyment-first approach to instrument-building.”

Endlesss is partly inspired by work on his Flow Machine, an instrument he started building 15 years ago that forms the backbone of his music-making process. A few years ago FACT visited Exile to get a demo of the Flow Machine – watch that below and you can begin to speculate on what sort of platform Endlesss might be.





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I signed up today, even got my own referral link too:http://www.endlesss.fm/?r=N1rBs

Supposedly if you get three people to use your referral link they bump you up on the access list.


Slick marketing.

Thought it said use sum #random peepz from da i-net. :smiley:

Well…anyway; many thanks 2 my 3 nu friends 4 bumping me up! B)

Cheerz :slight_smile:

i’m 125 on the waiting list

some people are saying its like a browser version of his flow machine or something on the lines of that

basically a tool to create and improvise electronic music quickly

hope its something like that

i had a sneak preview when i interviewed him… very cool indeed !

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Latest update

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Has anyone here had a go at this yet?

I’ve been putting it through it’s paces for the last week and have to say its pretty damn good and a lot of fun! Well worth a try if you are interested in jamming with people all over the world.

The workflow is really fast and kinda like a looper with built in fx. There is no sequencer so everything has to be played in live although it can be quantised. The base sounds are quite basic but the iterative resampling workflow lets you take the sounds in crazy directions.

Loops (or Rifffs) can be exported as stems so its a great way to rapidly generate ideas to mash up further in Renoise. Resampling is a huge part of my workflow so I really like it and I have an albums worth of material after just a week of messing around with it.

Anyway would be awesome to jam with some Renoisers so hit me up if you get on it. There is also a super friendly Discord community that you should join to get the most out it as its still in beta.

Downside is that its only iOS for now… You can sign up and download the beta here: https://discover.endlesss.fm/

Heres a couple of playlists of my jams over the last week:

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its only for ios :frowning: no android

Sadly not, presume it should be a priority given that its user numbers that makes this kind of thing work…

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It looks really cool - shame I have no access to it.

Great techno jam!

why not do multiplatform thing ?

Probably not that easy to do

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They’re planning on making a VST plugin aren’t they?

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i think the vst is to integrate the whole jamming idea …so you can make loops in yuor daw and upload them directly using the vst

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Website lists Android, MacOS, Windows and VST as future platforms. My guess is they are refining the app first on iOS before pushing out wider… the simplicity of it’s current form is quite nice though

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