Tim Exile

Hi !

This video is not new, so I don’t know if you have already seen it, but not sharing it would be a crime.

His artist name is Tim Exile, and he developped a tool on Reaktor witch allows him to improvise some crazy live music : nearly all his effects and even melodies are live performed.

I’ve never seen a such impressive live performance (video, unfortunately :P), and I hope you’ll enjoy it :

Tim Exile live at Alt Ctrl, Brixton

Maybe some of you saw him in real ?

Tim Exile is one of my fave producers: tight, ruff and relentless.
Only saw him live once in Amsterdam with VSnares, Vex’D, Mu-ziq…
Sick stuff to the max!

Check out his music if you haven’t already!


You might find some influences of him in my music too :D

He’s my absolutely favourite!


Well, I just know his “Cabbaret Lounge”, and IMO it sounds good, though it’s less powerful just to listen.

But I didn’t know this Pro Agonist and it doesn’t seem to be a live album ; I’ll check it when I can.

Thanks !

wow he’s nice.

i have a mini version of his reaktor ensemble and it’s pretty fun to play with - just wish i could set something like the full version- i’ve tried so many times but dont have the time, patience or skill with reaktor (or music generally!) to get it right - so it’s just jungle mashup ups in ableton for me :(

he talks about his set up here: - and you can get the mini ensemble too


Pro agonist is a masterpiece.
the gabbaret lounge is just fun to listen to with the idea that everyting he does is really live and not just press play here and there in ableton live.