Time Compression

I am trying to compress an extremely delicate piece of orchestral music at 120% of its original speed (whilst preserving the pitch)

I’m doing this in cool edit, and the results are kind of disgusting.

There are two params to choose from : Splicing frequency and overlapping. If i leave these by default I get a sort of horrible stroboscopic effect on the sound. Trying different values gives me all sorts of results (echoing, phasing effects) but nothing that can be useable.

Is there a better way to achieve time compression without destroying the original too much?

thanks :)

prosoniq timefactory has the best timeshift/pitchshift algorithm I ever heard.

Give Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch a try. It’s mainly designed for stretching to huge ratios, but you can actually get some good sounds at smaller ratios as well.

I think you mean 83.3·%


yes, I meant faster than the original sorry ;)

Thanks for the tips! :)