Time Counters In Renoise

I was editing quite a large sample in renoise yday and found that it would have been very useful to have a counter giving seconds from the beggining of the sample to the point of playing/ play bar.

Expanding on this a second counter would also be useful for me in the pattern editor which would give you the place in seconds that you are from the beggining of a song. Unlike the current counter this one would change as you scrolled through the patterns and not just show you the current playing time so you would know exactly where you are in the scheme of your whole song without having to play it through. This would not be a replacement but an addition to the current counter

guessing 2dp for each counter would be good also.

edit:spelling correction

To have a song position in seconds would be hard to do because the speed might have been changed with the speed command.
Its not imposible though…

If thats the case it may make more sense if it was implemented (if implemented atall :)) when speed is finally got rid of. Would still find it useful tho if it was not too impossible to do now :)

you know, i wonder if renoise would still be considered a tracker after all these features are implemented :) they’re not classical tracker-style features, but really interesting. keep those ideas coming.

I always thought the concept of trackers was built around the method of tracking, not around it’s features…
strip everything down to it’s essentials:
the abillity to load up a sample and insert it into a track and then trigger it in sequence…
That’s a tracker to me.
All else is add-ons, yea, just features and as long as Renoise
is true to this method of composing I will call it a tracker… :P