Time Is An Illusion


Made the sequence last night and recorded it today.

Nice one. Only things I’d change would be make the bass mono, take the verb off the vox, and glitch up the drums.

I’d possibily add about 4 more layers of melody toward the end because the structure gets a little repeated. Then I’d re-record the same vox melody in a months time because then you’ll nail the subtle bits of it better (but the singing is still pretty good!).

Good idea. Layering at the last 1/4 of the song. I’ll see what I can do


Well, what I’ve done so far on it, is change the vocal line on “Seperate from time” and “Seperate from life” to sound much better and backed up the part with a synth that does what my vocals used to do there. That part previously sounded very uncomfortable, forced, and as if I was trying to shove as many notes into the vocal line as possible.

Same filename, same location.

Hey this is great! The vox sound really pro now! This tune is really growing on me… I hang out for that bit you sing “what lies…” - love how that arches over that chord.

For some reason the quiet bits stuck out in a good way too. Taking the drums away in bits makes the song better. Are you still going to layer a few more bits toward the end? Maybe some drum fills too?

Awesome tune… gonna listen to this heaps…

Reminds me of Tears For Fears first album.