Time Lords Compilation

fast, slow, stop, go, before, after. no such thing!
The concept is to explore sounds and patterns that distort the flow of time.
attempting to create a sonic paradox to unravel the fabric of space time and collapse the entire universe.
deadline is 12/21/1998

sorry, already are in the past time continuum with another compo and my time-visa expires end of september.

sounds interesting… but … is there any previous successfull example of a maniplation of rythmic / melodic structures that could produce a kind of brain effect where perception of time could be altered ?

most music puts the brain into a kind of temporary altered state of time perception. (dronelaxambient vs hyperjungledubstep) usually based on the complexity of the signal and sensory involvement. it may take a couple of playthroughs for the mind to recalibrate, but it is perceivable. time is localized in the brain. our states of consciousness function on subtle wavelengths resulting in manic, relaxed, unconscious. each we feel within a different timescale. a dream may last 10 minutes, but hours of events seem to be packaged into it. i have always been curious how far that can be taken. sound is so powerful and our access to it is getting deeper. with the state of dsp and manipulation software advancing every day, time becomes like clay for us with infinite parametrization. pinpoints of high resolution samples contain mountains of sonic detail to work with.

there are no real limitations, i was wondering who might be interested in this kind of focused experimentation and discussion. those who have time, post any ideas or links.

I’ll be cleaning up current projects to be ready to start new things for winter. keeping warm by the processor fan with big earfoams on. :)

thanks for the linkage. i must get these.

do you mean that we could use renoise to produce a kind of e-drug ?

would you like to see if we can emulate a 100% renoise native i-dozer-like tool ?


“During the visual and audio visual stimulation at alpha
rhythms (i.e. 13-7.5Hz) a possible entrainment on overall EEG activity was
elicited by substantial increase and decrease in spectral energy levels”

test :walkman:

result : :huh: Heee… Am I deaf, or what I don’t get if something new happens, or not, really, in my brain.

It could be intreresting to think about the creation of new kind of binaural beats, based on the perception of a “temporal gap” between two kinds of really different stereo drumloops.

yes this could an intense one

i was considering using lasers to etch sounds into my optic nerve using a reverse EEG while microwaving my head…

various efforts in space and time explored …

My link

something i made for myself to zone out in based in solfeggio frequency. 9 tones with 528Hz centered. the other 8 slowly melt left to right/right to left, pitching up and down…trippy.

ear tickler.

cool 1st one
where did you get it?

I like the idea for this comp. I’ll have to submit something after i get my beloved compy moved into my new place. I like the idea of fucking with tempos to mess with peoples minds. Anybody here heard of the artist Vorpal? One of my favorite. But you’ll find a ton of slowdowns and speedups in his music. I’m gonna have to give this a try myself.