Time Signature?

this might sound silly, but is there any way to run renoise in a different time signature? seems like multiples of 2 are the only way to go, and im trying to build a song based on the drum intro of “five years” by david bowie, which is in triple meter.

am i just looking at it the wrong way? thanks, guys.

of course you can go odd:
one example is to use a speed which can be divided by 3, such as 12.

Set the speed to 12 by putting a F10C command on a track.

Now you will have 12 ticks per row; this will help you thinking in three, and inserting notes with submeasures more easily.

Now, set the pattern length to 48.

Well, now you just have to put notes on a three-rows base.

You can also adjust the “highlight every x lines” configuration in Config->GUI menu.

alright! thanks so much. im pretty new to this kind of interface, its the least graphical ive worked with, and some things, such as this, dont quite jump out at me like on reason.

so glad ive found this program, saves me hundreds off buying some big overpriced and underfeatured program like reason. i will be buying renoise soon. B)