Timeline Freakadelica for MB#8

Time is a substance where to be is possible

Thank you for listening. Happy holidays! Peace and ocean of inspiration to all of you!

Been waiting a while to hear something new from you. It’s a change for sure. I like it, very dystopian.

Thank you for support SynthisterNation. It was interesting work with different textures and combine them in one stream. May i ask you to share your feelings to this track?

Very textural, dynamic. I found myself slowly drifting off somewhere distant only to be brought back by the vocal or electronic sounds poking their way through the atmosphere. When the track ended, it felt like i was coming into consciousness from a day dream. I suppose it could a little dystopian, I however found myself lost in more of a dreamland to notice. Interesting and engaging track.

Thank you for the feedback, Abissus. Thanks for sharing you impressions. It is always interesting to know what feelings a person experiences while listening to the track. I wonder if they have the same strange emotions as I do. Happy holidays! Peace :slight_smile:

Happy holidays to you too. And yes, I am very much affected by all music and art for that matter (If i visit an art exhibition i cannot stay in the space for too long as I often find it a little overwhelming). Sometimes I don’t always share, or elaborate on my experience of someone’s creative work, I suppose for fear of it sounding like verbal wankery. It is, however, genuine. For me, Music is a profound and non comparable experience. One that i sometimes attempt to describe, though in essence, is beyond any vocabulary that we have, or can ever hope to develop.

Thankyou for sharing! I look forward to hearing more.

like walking through some futuristic city at night. Its rain gin slightly and sounds are reverberating off the walls of the buildings. can imagine someone searching for something in a determined concentrated way. really great atmosphere, and particularly like the texture in the intro

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Lethargik. Glad you enjoy! I supose this vibe can help to search this something :wink: