Timestretch Method

I’ve been messing with fitting few of my drumloops into tempo, and becouse of workflow I like to do everything possible in one tool. Reason does have the feature to sync with tempo but at cost of changing pitch of sample. This can be avoid by timestretch.

In renoise you can actually do it via sample offset command, imagine a pattern where you trigger sample from first point to the last like

100 rows [hexa]

c-4 900
c-4 901
c-4 902
c-4 903
c-4 904
c-4 905
c-4 906

c-4 9FA
c-4 9FB
c-4 9FC
c-4 9FD
c-4 9FE
c-4 9FF

now when you drop whatever sample you want it’s being timestretched very acurrately depending on speed. So on high speed you have one of the most quality timestrech I’ve heard … better then in ableton or wavelab that i’ve tried… But there is 2 major problems

  1. Maximum speed is 500bpm/1speed
  2. You can’t set resolution of sample offset

If you can set bpm for example to 10000bpm / 1 speed
and sample offset for example 9FFFFF

[numbers are just random … higher = better]

you will have imho the BEST timestretch tool I know. It actually sound pretty good transients are not changed. And is just a question of creating one long pattern with sampleoffset set.

Is there any chance that users can set higher bpm then 500 ? and any chance using more accuracy in sample offset ?

There’s no way this kind of timestretch can be better than ableton or wavelab…

at least equal, but the point is that you can make it directly in renoise without need of using other software, very quick and efficient. only important thing is resolution, and you can set it very precisely in tracker.

I’ve purposed to use multiple 9xx commands to tighten the resolution… the first 9xx in column 1 would be for the first offset of a roughly large sample, the second 9xx will contain smaller steps covering a smaller region within the offset of the first 9xx range, the third will go even in smaller steps and so on.

The idea is interesting, but it will be an awfull lot of work to use these resolutions if the samples are really very large.

Interesting idea, imagine that you have a drum loop long 1 Bar [4 beats]
now if you use command

9yxx [where y = bar]
[where x = offset in y bar]

you can use 9100
to stretch first bar in a long wav, up to 16bars [9FFF] in a sample

if you have longer sample like 3-4 bars
you call these bars via y number, but still with resolution of 1st bar
simple and very effective imo

i’d LOVE it if the effects channel had one more F.

That would be a resolution of > 4000. Holy mother of god would that be useful!


thanx for sharing this… of course render the whole pattern to wav… and theres the new drumloop.