Timestretching? Rubberbandaid?

Hello… So it looks like there’s no native timestretching in renoise - am I right?

I started playing around with the “bangy bangy” drum loops and found they don’t time up very nicely!

I found rubberbandaid and installed it, but now I feel like a total dumbo because I can’t actually figure out how to access it…

Went to to tools > tool browser and there it is… great, but how do I open it??

DOH! – “Beatsync” in the sampler window – How did I miss that?!

Guess I wont be needing Rubberbandaid then :slight_smile:

Rubberbandaid is still quite useful, especially if you want to get a little more experimental with your time-stretching. (you access it by right-clicking on a sample waveform in the sample editor waveform window. Should be towards the bottom of the context menu.)


Woohoo! Thanks very much :slight_smile: