Timestretching Samples

Hi folks,

It must be suggested before, but with the increase of computing power nowadays, I think it is time to have timestretching in Renoise. This will make it much more powerfull for syncing vocals and other recorded samples.

To achieve this, something like “sync sample” is needed,where you can specify the amount of ticks as absolut length. The variations of the notes in the sequencer are affecting the key (or pitch without change of length) only. An overall setting should specify the quality of the timestrectching (more quality => more CPU).

This feature can push Renoise a step futher in becoming a professional DAW.

Hmmmz quite interesting that nobody is interested for this here… Too busy exploring Renoise 2.0?

Maybe these suggestions don’t fit your needs, but it can be done with the 9xx command (look at the “Tutorial - Sample Offset.xrns” song included with Renoise)
you don’t even have to enter all the commands by hand. In the advanced pattern editor (on the right of the pattern editor) under vol/pan.delay.effects, you can let the interpolation done by Renoise for you.

another way to do this is to use the sync sample function.
and use one of these VST’s to adjust the pitch:
vptransp http://people.bath.ac.uk/masrwd/pvplugs.html
madshifta http://www.kvraudio.com/get/1324.html

It’s been suggested before, just search ze forum :)

Timestretching could be very possible in Renoise, if the offset command had more values.
09XX is simply not enough, especially for longer samples.

Wish we could move 09XX values around in the sample editor… now THAT would be crazy…

Yes, using the VST and sync option is a nice workaround, thanks.

You’ll always hear it and its quite a pain to program. But perhaps i’m just spoiled and a lazy ass ;)

It’s fairly easy to program, just let renoise interpolate the column.
But I agree it can sound quite awkward with longer samples…

There’s a bunch of free Audio Units that come pre-installed on an OS X machine. One of them is called AUPitch. That one does the job for me as of Renoise 2.0

No matter what happens would i still want to be able to timestretch sound as it is now in renoise(but more functions would be great of coarse).

I know some hip hop producers who have been quite envious on the flavor of timestretching in renoise. probably beacuse of the tuning impact on the samples… making it sound more like oldschool samplers. and being quite pissed that they cant get the same flavor when they timestretch in cubase.

D16 who have made some great vst and vstis earlier are now making a plugin called decimort that is meant to give more of an oldschool sampler/filter feel to your sounds*. since they made so great stuff before do i realy think that this one will kick ass also. And to combine that “pitchflaw” in renoise timestretch with filters that will make it sound even more like old akai-samplers wil most likely be quite amazing.


the’ dblue stretch ’ vst plugin does the job well ( at least for me it does )just automate the appropriate parameter

Please don’t forget us lucky linux users when talking about redundant features due to existing windows plugins. ;)