Timing Issues?

This has happened twice to me now, and it’s somewhat confusing.

I write my music in Renoise, then take a stereo render of the track to different studios running Protools to work on vocals.

However, Renoise seems to be rendering wav files at a faster tempo than the tempo stated on the main screen.

A song 100bpm rendered from Renoise is faster than Protools 100bpm for instance.

Has anyone else had this? Is there something that I haven’t seen that fixes this?

Advice very much appreciated - it’s quite important I get some music finished for a deadline, and I’m wasting a lot of time in Protools trying to synchronise it with my Renoise render.


PS: Sorry, should have posted this in Beginner’s Questions instead.

Renoise’s bpm is not exactly as it seems. For example, 130bpm at speed 6 is not exactly 130bpm - it is actually 130.0118bpm. I believe this is due to the fact that Renoise currently uses tick-based timing, and it is something that will be solved sometime in the future.

For now though, if you go into the Song Properties tab, you can view the exact tempo of the track, which you can then hopefully manually enter into Protools. Protools has a pretty precise tempo/bpm editor right?

that’s a common problem with trackers.
but renoise can help you:
if you click on song properties, you’ll see the real bpm of your tune.

thank you very much guys. without this forum and this program, I’d never get anywhere :)

i’m too slow :-/

but there are possible bpm-values in renoise that represent precise bpm-values

e.g. 90,98,105,125,150 BPM …

Yeah, I was gonna mention this too, but I thought it might only cause more unnecessary confusion. :P

confusion - maybe yes - but it cause precise timing too :P