Timing Jitter Feature for Sampler

I recently purchased TAL-Drum, and one nice feature it has is adjustable timing jitter:


This randomises the trigger timing by a set amount, which when combined with the “Analog” pitch randomisation, really goes a long way to give a subtle amount of humanisation to grid programmed rhythms.

I usually do something like this for pitch randomisation:


… but as far as I can tell there isn’t an easy way to achieve slight timing randomisation. To get something close, I usually use the Humanise modifier on the Delay column:


… but this is often inconvenient when you’re in the thick of the tracking process, because you need to be careful to always include the randomised Delay value when you’re moving / delete / creating notes. If it could be something which is always happening in the background on a per-instrument basis, that would be much more convenient. (Or possibly even something you set together with the Global Groove settings - although that’s maybe not as useful as this being a selective effect).

I think this would be a really useful feature for those times when you want to introduce a bit of “slop” to complement the strict grid timing of a tracker.