Timing Question


I still don’t understand the timing. I want to compute how many seconds (milliseconds) there are between rows. Is there a formula I can use where I input the BPM and the TicksPerRow to get the actual time ?

I guess I don’t understand the BPM, what exactly is a “beat” ?



if you look at the “song properties” tab you see the exact BPM (the BPM selection is not quite accurate for programming reasons in this version…) and LPB (lines per beat)

next to where you set your bpm is your tick speed, the easiest way to explain ticks is, imagine this is displayed, and the scolling was really smoothly animated :)

tick speed 6, magnified quite a bit:

_______ ← line
________ <-line

your real bpm and lines per beat will change depending on your tick speed

indeed! finaly got this ‘tick’ thing down. thx :lol: