Timing Subtleties ..

If I want to record/type drum hits that are “between the lines” timing-wise (late or early), how do I do this ?

I’ve tried enabling “Record note delays” - but it still quantised to the beat (running at 100bpm, speed 6, 16 lines to the pattern).

Do I have to change the bpm / speed to gain detailed control over where the beats are placed ? I guess this is where coming from a “piano roll” world to trackers becomes obvious :)

Sorry if this seems dim but I can’t seem to find an answer in the docs / tutorials.

yeah, try higher a higher bpm for more accuracy.

a good way to have control over the delay on samples is to put some silence at the beginning of a sample and use this together with the 9xx effect command.


Will look at option 1

Had already tried option 2 - didn’t seem to work (see original post)

Option 3 has helped at lot - I think this seems to be the essence of trackers/Renoise in this regard. If you want finer control over rhythm, mess about with bpm/speed.

However, I still can’t seem to record a syncopated/ off the beat hihat pattern “live” from my Midi keyboard - obviously if I set the Editstep to 1, no matter what rhythm I tap out, each note goes on a consecutive line.

There is obviously something I’m not doing right here - or this is way it is with trackers … ?

Do you record it while the pattern is playing or while the pattern is standing still?

Because you need to record it while the pattern is playing.

Try to increase the spped to 12 and increase the bpm to make up for it…

Example if you have a speed of 06 and bpm of 120 double the speed to 12 and the bpm to 140 to double the resolution…

yeah… you must enable Pattern Follow.

thanks all

Enabling Pattern Follow sorted it !