Tiny USB ASIO device recommendations?

I use Renoise with a lot of VST instruments - always have. My biggest problem is when I want to use Renoise “on the go” with a laptop. I use Windows Primary Sound device. I’ve tried ASIO4ALL etc but no matter what I do, I keep getting audio glitches. Plug in my Tascam US2x2 USB ASIO audio interface and everything is fine…

I admit that I am using more VST instruments than I ever have. I didn’t really have such a problem with less VST instances… but…

So… just wondering if anybody has discovered a really small USB ASIO “sound card” that works well? I’m wondering if one of those guitar interface devices may be the way to go… ?


I stumbled on this the other day. I’ve never used it, but I stumbled on their website, and I stumbled on it again while looking stuff up on Sweetwater… this is being marketing as, “the best tiny interface.”


YMMV. I am not suggesting you buy this. I am only stating, “I stumbled on this.” Maybe it is amazing.

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Yeah I’m contemplating buying one of these:

I had a similar device called a Rockfrog but I can’t get the drivers working on Win 8… but it is about 10 years old to be fair :slight_smile:

I guess there are very few people who really want an ASIO soundcard with no inputs.