Tip For Live Renoise Sessions

Oh… :rolleyes: and by the way… if you’re going to play live with renoise, remember to disable the “Autobackup every X minutes” option (in case it was set)… or every X minutes the machine will save or try to, causing a very short but still significant and unpleasant break in the execution…

:huh: hm… or shall we consider it a bug?? :mellow:

Could you explain your approack for using it live at all? Do you need two machines for it? How to go live?


The “crackling problem” is easily solved by using a higher audio latency.

High latency is what you least want when playing live… Depends on what you want to do live of course.

Does anyone have tips for a good midicontroller for renoise (live)?

Hm. Not really. I think the Doepfer-products are great but i dont want to spend that much money. Yet. The cheapest unit is about 160Euro, i think. I just use my present midi-hardware for that instead.


160 € ?

there are a few around for 40 € or so, from cheap-ass companies. I have not tested any though, since I dont have really a use for stuff like that.
What I did some time ago was rig two joysticks to the PC and using some joy2midi converter, it converted the joystick-movements to midi-messages. With two joysticks I could control 4 values at one time, much like those sticks found on some yamaha (?!) synths.

germans could check http://www.pearl.de or http://www.conrad.de

Heh, sounds like instant buy. Bei pearl und conrad hab ich aber auf anhieb nix gefunden. Do you have einen more specific link? :P


hab jetzt grade auch nix gefunden … bei pearl habe ich sowas zweimal gesehen, in den letzten zwei jahren oder so. bei denen ist das aber so ne sache mit dem angebot, im moment z.b. haben sie wieder kein einziges MIDI-Keyboard (wollt mir jetzt doch mal eins mit Velocity kaufen, das was ich jetzt habe hat nur fixed), das kann sich aber schnell ändern.
Bei denen isses glaube ich gut jede woche oder so mal auf die homepage zu gucken und nach MIDI zu suchen …

bei conrad gab es mal vor langer zeit ne faderbox für 60 € oder so, hab die aber grad auch nicht mehr gefunden.

Das sind dann aber auch nicht so die tollen Dinger die man in nem Club bei 50° Celsius und 100% Luftfeuchtigkeit aus drei Metern Höhe auf den Betontanzboden werfen kann und die das dann noch in MIDI-Daten umsetzen. Aber das braucht auch nicht jeder … und die von Doepfer sind imho auch vieeel zu teuer.

An Acer notebook (Athlon 2500+, 512MB DDR, 15"@1024*768) would do great). Imho Renoise plays without any problems. Very fluent, fast and quick responding. After learning all the Fn-key functions, the keyboard does very fine for tracking. ;)

Now the soundcard problem:

Usually notebook soundcards are supposed to exist as “16bit stereo outputs”, making nothing else than that. That’s true. And the other bad thing is that you can hear the CPU talking to the HDD what they’ll get for lunch and stufff… In other words: A lot of noises get into the cheap amp.

So you’re right, a USB soundcard might help here. I plan to buy this one:

Audiophile - Information

Und wenn du zufällig auch aus unserer Gegend kommst - hier gibt’s die Karte etwas billiger ;) :

Get it cheaper

Hope I could help.

c ya!

von wegen midi controller:

Hab ich direkt wegbestellt.

Loolarge :drummer:

Hey, this is yes a geile Sache!
Gotta save money to register Renoise first :)
But it’s very useful - thanks!

I used to Use Cubase for live performances. Big gabs between the songs and so on.
I’m now preparing renoise to be the main, midi/audio sequencer.
Renoise seems to perfectly control my hardware synths and so on.
The learn function is also great. No you can turn some knobs on your hardware synth and change DSP parameters in Renoise itself.

But maybe a tip for the developers of Renoise is to add an option to set macro’s for hardware controlling.
Such as assigning knobs to mute/unmute channels in renoise,
Play/stop/loop, maybe even a “start on first note function”.

Just an Idea…