Tip: Using Renoise 2.5 Like Ableton Live

Would be great if you could give us some more details about this. What exactly means “edit the mapping”. What did you change?

If anyone has a behringer BCR2000, it is possible using scripts to assign midi note ons (or any syex chain) to a knob. You have to convert these scripts to sysex using bcmanager.

(this is also the case with the BCF2000).

So you could scroll through the patterns with a knob and also schedule it with a button (or knob) push.
One of the top row of (pushable) knobs would be ideal for this.

has any1 set this up with the nocturn controller?

It’s really not difficult. I guess what has confused you so far is Novation’s Automap technology - I am guessing that you are used to controlling your plugins with that?
Well, Automap can only control plugins that you yourself have added using the automap plugin-manager. Automap isn’t MIDI, it’s something Novation invented, and only people with Novation controllers can use it.

JBL’s idea will work with all controllers since it’s based on Renoise’s built-in MIDI mapping.

Now, in order to use MIDI features with the nocturn, you have to switch it into midi mode. That is easy: each of the buttons on the lower right side of the nocturn is a “mode”, and you want to select the midi mode. Check the Nocturn manual if in doubt.

In Renoise, you have to set preferences->midi to listen for your nocturn (I think the midi port is named “Automap MIDI”, which is really stupid and confusing since it has nothing to do with automap). Once Renoise is set to the right MIDI port, and the Nocturn is set to MIDI mode, you should see the small “lights” in the upper part of Renoise (next to the midimap button) will start blinking when you press a button or turn a dial on the Nocturn.

Once those little lights start blinking, re-read this forum topic again, because now you’re ready to start mapping!

If you’re still in doubt, check out the Nocturn manual, especially the section explaining MIDI, or check the support section of the Novation website.

Yeah, to use MIDI with Nocturn you just use the Automap MIDI mode instead of Automap Universal which is for automap-wrapped plugins. To use Automap MIDI, all you have to do is to turn on one of the 16 available midi channels in Automap MIDI from the top menu bar. Then you can assign any cc, create any number of pages, and assign the map to any of the four groups that are the top right buttons (user, fx inst, mixer).

thanks fellow dane

of to dig out the nocturn manual :D