Tip: Using Renoise 2.5 Like Ableton Live

Before 2.5, pattern navigation and cueing wasn’t easily achieved using a midi controller. The best work-around I could muster was a Max patch that emulated keystroke combos and mouse clicks. Pattern navigation in a live-esque manner is completely possible now :). For those that use ableton live, you’re probably familiar with the “hidden” scene-navigation controls that appear when creating midi assignments. Here’s how to do the same thing in renoise.

  1. At the top of the screen, enable Pattern Loop. Disable Pattern Follow.
  2. Use ctrl/command - M to bring up the midi assignment window and click the drop-down arrow for “Available and Active Mappings”.
  3. Global Mappings > Navigation > Sequencer
  4. Map [Select Previous Sequencer Pos] and [Select Next Sequencer Pos] to midi. (This allows you to navigate your patterns or “scenes” by moving up/down in your pattern sequencer while the currently-playing pattern continues to play).
  5. Global Mappings > Seq. Triggering > Schedule
  6. Map [Current] to midi. (This allows you to cue which pattern comes next)
  7. Done! Now have 2+ patterns in your xrns and you can navigate up and down through patterns in your sequence, and cue ANY pattern to play next.

(at the moment, this is only possible with triggers. perhaps we can fix this to allow finite/infinite encoders so we can scroll through patterns using a knob, which is possible in renoise only uni-directionally)

so this isent possible using the novation nocturn?

Thanks for this mini-tutorial, mushen.

Try Global mappings > Navigation > Sequencer > Current sequence pos [Set]

If you re-read what mushen just posted, you will find that 3 buttons is all that is needed. So the answer is yes, the nocturn can do this.

tried that on an infinite encoder before writing the tutorial, didn’t work :(

like danoise said, you only need three buttons, so the nocturn would certainly work :)

Ooh man, that is awesome! Just what I missed! :o


thx this is awesome

i just tried setting this up with my novation nocturn,but i cant seem to map the stuff to the knobs on the nocturn?

any1 managed to get this working with the nocturn?

ok can someone point out on the screenshot under this,where the stuff that needs to be mapped for this to work is?cant seem to find it


Global Mappings > Navigation > Sequencer > [Select Previous Sequencer Pos] and [Select Next Sequencer Pos]
Global Mappings > Seq. Triggering > Schedule > [Current]

i know that this is what needs to be mapped,but where are those on the GUI,im trying to map these to my nocturn controller but i guess im doing something wrong because i cant get it working

With the issues that s-n-s had and my further exploration of the midi mapping, I came across a bug in renoise 2.5!

I experienced it with the follow mapping options:

Select Previous Sequencer Pos
Select Next Sequencer Pos
Current Pattern [Set]
Increase Current Pattern
Decrease Current Pattern

For most of them, it works when you map them for the first time, when you edit the mapping it will stop working until your relaunch Renoise.

i havent been able to map any of those to my nocturn

and mushen
i can find them in the midi map(ctrl plus m)

i meant where are those in the renoise GUI

Did you map them then save the .xrns, relaunch renoise then reload the .xrns?

This might fix your problem because I had the same issue.

havent tried that,when i try to map something,then in the midi mapping,it says its not mapped to anything?

Ok so when you’re in the midi mapping and press something it doesn’t show the note?

Then you have to go in your renoise preferences and then under MIDI choose your nocturn as the input device.

i have chosen automap :blink:

Maybe that’s why it’s not working.

these mappings aren’t located in the GUI, you assign the mappings by clicking on the function you want to map in the list, then hit a midi trigger or note. in this case, i mapped the note C-3.