Tips For Note Offs


When i record, say a piano line, from my midi keyboard i find the result is quite hard to follow. There are many columns of notes, and lots of note offs everywhere. i realise this is how it is, but i find it harder to see an overview of whats going on compared to say a piano roll, where everything is visually more apparent.

does anyone have any tips for all these note offs etc, or do most people step sequence, and so this bombardment of note columns and note offs doesnt happen…

thanks for any advice!

in “Edit => Preferences => MIDI” panel, you can uncheck the “Note Offs” checkbox in order to completely filter note offs out when recording. not necessarily what you want to achieve, but it’s all I can suggest you

'Tis a tracker. Only way to represent it. Filtering out the note offs means infinite sustain. Renise isn’t quite the best for live recording visualization… but you just WON’T BELIEVE how many piano-roll-haters there are here. I get the feeling that if the Team added it, they would have a riot on their hands.

this is a the case where a piano roll would be handy indeed, else it pretty much suck yeah :P

that tickroll tool is probably what you need. (= haven’t tried it myself but it should do the trick.

We don’t necessarily need piano roll to clean up the well-known disastrous view of which you speak :)

Displaying note-on-plus-note-off as a shaded block may be enough.

that sounds great to me!

Yeah have often thought about that. Would have to be per-track selectable (or per sample/instrument maybe) as you probably wouldn’t want it on your drums where you use few Note Offs.