Tips For Party Music

hey everyone i was wondering if anyone has some experience in creating music to be played at a party and what works best etc

i was thinking you could tailor it for people to dance to by keeping it 4/4 120 bpm but thats quite an obvious thing to do so are there any other characteristics/necessities that will make people move/dance?


This comes to mind

Hmm… I knew but can be either for party or some kind pageant. Maybe Psydrums by Beatslaughter vs Tenda.

music is a drawer-thing for most people.
what totally works for person A will absolutely ruin the night for person B.
there is no music that makes “people” dance, there only is music and people that might dance.
when it comes to me and most of my mates, this is the stuff that makes the booty shake as if there was no tomorrow.

conclusion: 128-132 bpm, a shuffled groove, add some jazz, funk + jive and you’re set ! :)

Put a donk on it

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Turn off lights, light the candles and put on some barry white

:P Hehe, I don’t think he’s asking for romantic…