To All Renoise Producers

are there any games you playing at the moment actually stopping you from writing tunes?

is for me! :angry: :wacko: lol
quake 3 arena multiplayer. damn gaming haha!

anyone else?

I’m still waiting for Worms Armageddon 2 for PC :(

Team fortress 2.

Not since my 360 RRoD’d.

I’ve been burning most of my free time on Mushihimesama Futari and now Death Smiles IIX. It’s funny how consuming score-oriented games can be.

X3-Terran Conflict

Hah, Quake actually cured me from playing too much Left 4 Dead versus :P Now, instead of feeling obliged to not “ragequit” (and potentially playing for over an hour until the campaign is finished), I spent much less time on something way more intense XD

The pros scare me though :unsure:


Red Dead Redemption 95% complete. Also, rebuilding my desktop, get paid tuesday. So I should be back at it real soon.

When i get Windows 7, i hope to be able to play Just Cause 2 one day… looks like a real fun game to me!..

Same here dude, except that I switched to Quake Live (which is almost like Quake III), it’s like a drug! :w00t:

Hell yeah! I usually frag some bots to practice, but when it comes to real players … that’s another story :confused:

I’m still waiting for the new Duke Nukem :(


Im still waiting Worms Directors cut for pc. Everything in Worms-series since that has been utter crap.

Red Dead Redemption


It is. Extremely fun.

I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 beta for the last month or two, now it’s down probably until release (July 27).
Once you’ve seen a commentary you will want to play that game so very bad. :P

n+ (a bad ass ninja flash game)

Achieved 100% in Red Dead Redemption. Time to get back to my life.

AGE OF EMPIRES 3! RTS all the way bb