To jam or not to jam that is the question

Hi. So, if I want to just record a live take of midi for an indefinite period of time, is there a way to make Renoise keep adding to the project to extend it instead of looping while it records?

Atm, I just make a bunch of blank scenes but this is a bit of annoying extra work and takes the spontaneity out of the workflow a bit.

Maybe these tools can help


AutoClone is quite slick. I’ve used it many times for extended improvising over some backing stuff.

AutoClone seems like the right tool, but I’m just trying it out and it’s not working for some reason. Have you tried it in Renoise 3.2.2?

Noodletrap looks a bit daunting, but Auto Clone is what I’m looking for. Thanks. Hopefully it will work as now I’m not seeing any results with it enabled.

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3.2.1 but 3.2.2 is not different in a significant way (I don’t think; think it’s some Apple compatibility fix).

Works for James : )

Did you select a set of patterns to clone, and enable the tool, and enable Record?

I got it finally. The selected pattern must be set to loop, even in an empty session. It works great. Thanks for your help.

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