To Spammers Around

hello spammers,

we are users of Renoise, a fantastic music composition software.

This software will not enhance your sexual desire, will not grow your tool, will not pay your debts, will not fire your boss.

Moreover, this software is not straightforward: you need not to be an idiot to use it.

So, in the end, you won’t find any moron wanting to buy your marvellous products here.

I sincerely hope your fortune will keep increasing more and more, but please keep with the idiots.

Many thanks.

aw shucks
I’m flattered ;)

Hey does somebody need to pump up his penis? I´ve got 400 advertisements in store… ;)

Well, we keep replying to them, why not just delete the crappy posts in stead?

err…because of making fun of them?

I don’t think spambots read that.

Posts published to search engines are being crawled by scripts and bots and investigated upon headers and info regarding the used system, then a spam-script is being activated according to what it figured to find.

A simple way to fool them is adjusting lots of info about the system and adjusting default GET / POST variables in the board-system’s script.
Usually spambot writers won’t go through a lot of trouble writing spam-scripts just for one board.

haw come one, don’t tell me you thought I was that strupid… of course they won’t read this… I was just a little pissed of about this spamming.

I was just tring to be creative at office :rolleyes:

Don’t worry IT-Alien. I, for one, appreciated your creativity.