To the Hilt

It has been a while since I have posted…busy with the kiddies. Yay for Renoise 3…best xmas present ever!!! :w00t:/> Love the new instrument editor, especially new overlapping sample zoning features and ability to randomly or sequentially glitch through a bunch of samples with each new note trigger. Awesome job Renoise team.

Anyway this song (which uses the aforementioned favorite new feature subtly for the hats) is inspired by the likes of machinedrum and other footwork jungle stuff. It also represents my new love affair with NI’s FM8, which could be my go to toy this year. I just hope I have more time to tinker in the months ahead! Thanks for listening and feedback is always appreciated.

P.S. The door prize goes to anyone who can identify the movie source of the vocal samples :lol:/>