Today Only: Free Arturia Minimoog V

I’m trying to use the FX but whenever i load the VST into the Track DSP the sound cuts out.

I’m using Renoise 2.1.0 - could that be the issue?

However, I’m a bit of a newb when it comes to VST’s so could very easily be doing something wrong.

Any help would be great, thanks.

You can find details in Arturia’s knowledge base:

  • Disable the oscillators.
  • Enable the external input.
  • Raise the external input volume.

Also, don’t forget that you still need to play some notes on the synth to trigger its envelopes and stuff, otherwise you won’t actually hear the audio you’re routing into it. You can do this by creating an FX Alias Instrument. Open the plugin instrument list as usual, but choose the FX Alias from the very top of the list. Any notes you play on this instrument will be sent to the effect.

More info in the Renoise manual:

still didn’t get my serial and download link

They don’t share them from the Arturia site anymore. Use the torrent magnets and serial in my earlier post.or pick the torrents zip file from this post.

But I would still need an activation code , right ?

That is the activation code, there is nothing more than that number to fill in.
Did anyone tried it and did not succeeded?, just curious if the number is actually checked.

Can confirm it worked perfect for me, thanks a lot!

as usual im late…but thanks vV, :wink: