Today Only: Free Arturia Minimoog V

It’s almost impossible to download due to server issues. GL

Got mine :^)

Thanks a lot, man!

Never give up. Never surrender! :walkman:

Seriously, just reload the page. It took me about 2 minutes, which seems like a long time, but is not really. Although… Maybe the issues have gotten worse? Either way… It sounds beautiful. So keep trying!

Wow. I think I made it through. Did not get the email yet, but… yeah. Thanks for the tip! :yeah:

can’t seem to get in , is it allowed to share the download or does it need personal registration

this link seems to be the fastest way to get on the Facebook page where you can get the software. It will let you opt into a FB app which gets your email address in order to send the download details (and probably use it for promotional purposes)

another alternative via Torrent

(expect more than a few hours of time to pass in order to get the download details via email. I did not receive it yet)

I recommend using their website to download it. I tried the Facebook app first and it never sent me an email (but it also said it should arrive within 48 hours). Then I tried using their website, that worked, it sent an email immediately with download links and activation code, but the downloads aren’t working well… the Torrent file eventually worked.

Few hours before, we could use their site as you said indeed (I also got from their site :P ), but currently it seems that the Facebook is the only way to enter this party since their site is overloaded.

Anyway, it’s great sounding poliphonic moog. Never give up!!

This synth kicks ass, I’ve been using it since 2004 :)
Hopefully this give-away version does not have the going-out-of-tune bug, which sometimes occurs after an hour of usage or so. Not fun when playing live ;)

I think they probably like the results… one free item for one day and busy for months to send out those keys :P

I’m still waiting for that e-mail. :unsure:

me too.

Just a heads up: whilst the giveaway is over, the torrent link still seem to be working fine!

Grab 'em before they take it down.

just got my email :)

As far as I understand it, the download is useless without the activation code to unlock the plugin. You can only get this code from Arturia themselves, and it was only available yesterday, so… If you didn’t already request an activation code from them, I think you’re probably screwed :(

Got the activation code about an hour ago, so it might not be that hopeless.

The install itself should work even without an activation in demo mode, I think.

I have just received my key

oh shit… this has made me sad. :(

that’ll teach me to not just skip to the download link without reading!

Well, the torrentlinks is here:

And the URI magnet from the executable:

I don’t have the URI magnet for the dmg because i get an error on that one. (Perhaps someone else can copy it from his torrent utility in Apple)

Magnet URI for Mac:

The license, you can get mine: I have tested authorisation on two other laptops (next to having it authorised on my desktop machine) and it went fine so i suspect they don’t have put an authorisation limit on this license code because you don’t get upgrades and support for this license either and i personally don’t care if it gets invalidated or not.
So if it works for you, have fun (and if someone else recognizes the code because he / she has the same, then that would clear up something as well): 678276263

You can edit your MIDI Learn xml files manually, which are at C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Minimoog V\control.
These values below are the “entry param” values in the xml.
So you can control these FXs by using MIDI controller. :P

On/Off = 110、 Speed = 106、 Mode (5 level) = 105、 Octave (5 level) = 109、 Repeat Mode (5 level) = 111、 HOLD (3 level) = 108、 MIDI Sync = 107

Vocal Filter
On/Off = 166、 XY pointer movement (horizontal) = 44、 XY pointer movement (vertical) = 45、 Dry/Wet = 46、 Resonance = 47、 LFO = 163

On/Off = 113、 Speed (Rate) = 4、 Depth = 5、 Dry/Wet = 6、 Type (3 level) = 114

On/Off = 115、 Time L = 7、 Time R = 9、 Feedback L = 8、 Feedback R = 10、 Dry/Wet = 11、 MIDI Sync = 116