Toggle between sharps/flats...?

Just wondering if i missed this completely, but… tracking in, say D minor/F major or G minor/Bb major is kind of annoying with sharps instead of flats. A quick forum search didn’t yield much result on this.

I can’t believe a powerful program like renoise is missing such a key(hehe) feature :D (ok bad one <_< )

Similar been suggested a few times, believe this is probably the most recently active thread.

Ah, didn’t see that thread from a simple search “sharps flats” on the forum site…weird.

I was thinking about a simple display option in the pattern editor, maybe an assignable key to toggle #/b, a few years ago we implemented this in schism tracker and it took like 30 minutes.

The above mentioned thread seems to be talking about changes to the file format that would remember which parts of the song are in which key - needlessly much more complicated, and not as useful or usable i would think.

There is something weird with the search feature at times! I didn’t find it from the word “sharps” even though it’s in the thread title but then I did find it from the word “flat” but I knew it existed so I knew to continue looking…