Toggle Nna Setting Global For Current Xrni

I would love to be able to have the option to globally set the NNA (Continue / Note off / Cut) for any given XRNI… possibly a checkbox next to the “NNA” dropdown would suffice.
Currently it’s a bit tedious to set this for every sample contained within an XRNI…

GREAT progress so far, many of the improvements to the beta I wasn’t expecting to see implemented so quickly.

If you select several samples in the sample list you will batch process them.
So just select all samples and then set NNA.

also this for 2.6:

I like tools, dont get me wrong but I believe renoise is getting itself in trouble when it comes to relying on “tools” to cover what could simply be basic functionality. just my 2 cents.

Yes, in later versions this will change as we will also have group options. For now you have to live with sample properties only :)

I request the opposite: Individual envelopes for each sample in the instrument, so you can have swirling effects in the samples, or if you pile on enough samples, mini sequences triggered by the different envelopes!

A new sample’s envelope should default to the last one’s in case this effect isn’t desired.

Tools are not just there to cover what could be simply basic functionality, they are however a fast and very reasonable solution for the moment that this basic functionality is not a core feature of renoise itself.
Also there is a very large grey area on opinion level what supposed to be considered a must-have “basic core functionality” and just a “personal workflow desire” that could be fullfilled with a script.
Nevertheless, your 2 cents are always appreciated.