Toggle Pattern Edit From Mixer

Is there a tool or perhaps a way to keybind the edit pattern toggle while in the mixer view? I prefer to work in the mixer and would like to record from there as well. My apologies of this has been asked before.

Not sure if it’s exactly what your looking for or not but there is a keymapping available in Edit->Preferences.
Open preferences and select ‘Keys’ then choose ‘Global’->‘Transport’->‘Record Pattern’.
There are some other keymappings available in that general location that may help too.

The default key appears to be Left Shift+Right Shift.



Aahh, I didn’t see that there was a global way to toggle the edit. I’ll have to try that when I get home.

I thought the only way to toggle the pattern edit was pressing ESC(Default) while either in the pattern matrix or editor.

Thanks a lot based in what you described this is exactly what I was looking for.

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